How to determine the right plastic for your garbage bag application

How to determine the right plastic for your garbage bag application

2023-11-02 09:57:31

If you are looking for the best type of plastic based on your bagging application, this article will help you distinguish between the two types and provide examples of their intended uses. Plastic waste bags are mainly made of two types: low density linear polyethylene (LDPE) and high density linear polyethylene (HDPE). The benefits of each plastic resin depend on what type or variety of waste ends up in the bag. Let's take a closer look at how well each plastic performs, depending on the type of waste you're putting into the bag.

Advantages of LDPE tank lining
Excellent tensile properties make it highly resistant to puncturing and tearing.
Excellent choice for disposing of trash with sharp and jagged edges.
The strength and tensile properties make them an excellent multi-purpose garbage bag.

Advantages of HDPE can lining
Economical options for heavy wet and soft waste disposal.
Steam and moisture protection.
Compared to LLD garbage bag boxes, the boxes are smaller and lighter, and the shipping, storage and warehousing costs are lower.
More temperature resistant than LLD garbage bags (-40 degrees to +212 degrees).
Usda and FDA approved for use in food.

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